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Our Payment Policy

We have several forms of payment that we ask our client families to review and consider as a mode of payment for services selected.

  • Cash

  • Certified Check

  • Cashier's Check

  • U. S. Postal Money Order

The methods above must be paid no later than 48 hours prior to service.

  • Group Life Insurance

  • Personal Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance must be verifiable and assignable coverage on the life of the deceased.  We must have the complete cooperation of all parties involved: beneficiary, employer and the insurance company.  In the absence of full cooperation in verifying all necessary insurance information 72 hours prior to service, the methods listed at the top of the page must be used to make payment no less than 48 hours prior to services.

For Personal Life Insurance, the following policies apply:

  • We require a review of the life insurance policy contract.

  • The policy must be at least two years old.

  • The face amount of available coverage must be sufficient to cover the cost of the services.

  • The policy must be assignable by the beneficiary so that payment can be made directly to the funeral home.

Please note:

  • All insurance information must be verified 48 hours prior to service.

  • An insurance processing fee of 5% will be added to the contract


These Disclosures  are made in compliance with the requirements for disclosure as set forth by the Federal Trade Commission.  Service and merchandise categories have been established according to guidelines set forth by the Federal Trade Commission.