W. H. Jefferson Funeral Home
  A Legacy of Family Care for Vicksburg Since 1894

800 Monroe Street
Vicksburg, Mississippi 39183
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Jefferson: A Legacy of Family Care

At W. H. Jefferson Funeral Home, our legacy of care for and about our Vicksburg began over a century ago with our founders, William Henry and Lucy Jefferson.  Grandfather Jefferson was the first African-American funeral director in the state of Mississippi, while Grandmother Jefferson was a leader in education.  Both fought hard to make Vicksburg and Warren County a wonderful place for all its citizens.

Their values for service, integrity, excellence and putting people first are honored by the facility that carries their name.

We are proud that our family has been honored with a likeness of our namesakes on the New Beginnings and Lasting Legacies mural on the Vicksburg Riverfront Murals.

W. H. Jefferson Funeral Home has served Vicksburg since 1894, in the same location for over a half century.  Our family business has grown with Vicksburg through nephews George, Sr.; James, Sr.; and Robert, Sr.

The business is co-owed today by James E. Jefferson, Jr., and his uncle, Robert. Sr.